The Festive Feed

Feeding your baby over the holiday season!

A few tips to help navigate this joyous time of year. 

by: Jenny Pizzale

  • Do not feel obligated to attend all holiday functions and maintain all holiday traditions!

You just had a baby. It’s not your job to “show off” your baby, and it’s not worth jeopardizing your family’s rest, rhythm and sanity for the desires of others. Give yourself a holiday pass this year and only attend the functions that you want to go to and will nourish your soul. Remember, frequent rest and frequent feedings are your new normal and altering your feeding rhythm for the sake of events can affect your milk supply.

  • Wear your baby during holiday gatherings!

This avoids the pass-the-baby game and prevents the spread of infections as people are less likely to coddle your baby’s face when his or her face is planted firmly on your chest.

  • Feed your baby where you and baby are most comfortable.

If you want a much needed break from the chaos, you are entitled to exercise your right to feed your baby in private! But if your baby feeds well in public and you are comfortable, then absolutely feed wherever and whenever, and in the same room as your Uncle Lou. If Uncle Lou is not comfortable, he can leave the room! Feeding in public helps normalize breastfeeding for everyone, including the younger generation.

Responding to criticism and opinions

Everyone has one and feels obligated to share without forethought…especially when it comes to motherhood. Come up with a few responses such as:

  • Non-responses: often you can come up with something vague such as “hmmm” or “uh-huh”… a great way to say something without saying anything at all.

  • Focus on the other with active listening “I can see you have strong feelings about this”, or “I’m so glad this approached worked well for you and your baby”.

  • Focus on information or authorities, a critical relatives may find it harder to criticize a reliable authority such as the Canadian Pediatric Society or your child’s care provider.

  • Focus on YOUR decision: “This works for our family in our situation”.

Last but not least-

Use humour. You can find some humorous comebacks on 

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About Jenny:

Jenny is a Registered Nurse, Lactation Educator & Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator,  & Registered Midwife. She lives in Barrie with her family. 

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