The 16 Percent

A group of women dedicated to sharing and creating a safe space for families who have experienced miscarriage and infertility, The 16 Percent shares with MMC the history of how they came to be, and information about how to read more about their history and support forum.

The 16 Percent came to be in a way that we could never have imagined and would never have wanted. And yet, here we are, making lemons out of lemonade. 

We (Allison McDonald Ace, Caroline Starr & Ariel Ng Bourbonnais) met when we worked together at Oxford University Press. Cut to 5 years later and we reconnected through our shared experience with miscarriage and infertility. We learned first hand through our experience with child loss and infertility how crucial it was to our healing to write about our experiences, and also to hear other people’s stories of loss and to know that somehow those people came through the fire to continue to live and find joy and purpose in their lives. We each wrote about our experiences publicly through various forums. Ariel wrote her story, Infertile at Thirty-Three, for She Does The City and received support from women grateful to her for shedding light on POA; Caroline wrote openly about her miscarriage through her blog and was featured on Global News and Metro News discussing the impacts of infertility and miscarriage on women and families;  I (Allison) wrote about my late term miscarriage for Love, Mom and Green Moms Collective and realized that sharing was not only cathartic for me, but for others as well who had been hiding their pain surrounding miscarriage.  

We became committed to creating a space where people could find these stories and  were inspired to launch The 16 Percent, a place dedicated to providing a safe space for couples and individuals to share their stories, because no experience is exactly the same and we can all learn from each other’s struggles and triumphs. Since launching in September we’ve had an overwhelming response to the stories that have been featured on our site and have signed a contract with Dundurn Press to publish a collection of these stories in Fall 2018. 

If you would like to share your story on our website and Facebook page, please email us at

And if you are one of the 16% struggling through, please know that you are not alone and that we are here for you in love and solidarity. 

-Allison, Caroline & Ariel

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