Maker Spotlight: Dawning Collective

Get to know our friend Jamie- owner/designer/and maker at Dawning Collective.

Hello! My name is Jamie and I’m the owner of Dawning here in Barrie.

Here is my story in 4 paragraphs:

  • I’m a normal person, I have things that I love (just like you do!) I believe there are many things that are much more attainable than we may realize they are at first thought. That doesn’t mean those things can happen quickly or easily, but they are much more possible than you believe.
  • I’m 22, I have 2 awesome kids under 2 years old and 1 awesome husband, Lyndon. I have a business that keeps me and my husband woking full time, and I love it. We’ve had some rough patches as a family , a couple, and most certainly as a business. But at the end of the day I like to say to Lyndon ” These are the best days of our lives, aren’t they?”
  • Nothing is instant;I started this business at 14 with the desire to someday be a wife and stay at home mom. The business was crafted to work around those things. I slowly built up our customer base by doing shows and growing organically. My sales grew slowly, and I worked hard in most of my free time after school. After graduating I started dating my long time friend Lyndon, long distance from Kentucky. We were married in 2015.
  • I realized after having our first baby 11 months later that if I wanted to stay at home with my kids AND be sane I needed to expand the business so that I could afford to. hire some team members to help with production. I thought this would be easy; it wasn’t. I was wrong. We had so many growing pains as we expanded our reach. We couldn’t keep up with production , we had issues with some products, and we had to learn on our feet how to work with, and bring other people in, to help us. There were many nights that I would waddle around (pregnant with our second) and cry because of the overwhelming demands of producing goods, while dealing with 100 other issues. I seriously considered giving it up for a few days.

It’s not perfect now (far from)! But we are constantly learning, growing, and working hard. 

Here are some tips I can give you for running a creative business or increasing one you already have:

  1. Take advice: Find smart people and listen to them. Don’t get offended when someone tells you your idea is terrible. I’ve had lots of terrible ideas.
  2. Focus: If you’ve thought through something and are sure its the direction you want to take it’s best to focus on that one plan than to implement 10 different people’s advice and split your focus.
  3. Give yourself a break: don’t have time to make dinner? Buy a frozen pizza. Do it. Life moves on and you can’t do everything all the time.
  4. Deal with one thing at a time: If you’ve got 10 problems, write them down and deal with them separately. This is something that Lyndon helps me with when things are stressing me out. Your life isn’t falling apart, you just have 10 problems that happened to show up at the same time.

There is still time to order a jewellery piece from Jamie before Christmas; pop on over to her online shop to take a peek at Dawning’s  full product line.

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