28 Questions to Find out If You’re Doing Motherhood Right

Written by: Toni Botas of MMC

Struggling with all the information available about whats right and wrong in the mothering department? Here at MMC, we have created a great way to find out how you stack up. Take this quiz to see if you’ve got what it takes to be a great mother.

28. Have you not washed your face, brushed your hair, or showered in several days?

27. Do you make time for “self care” each day?

26. Do you enjoy motherhood?

25. Is motherhood a real kick in the teeth some days?

24. Have you left your kids overnight to get some adult/alone time?

23. Are you satisfied with simply making sure no one got hurt and everyone was fed, each day?

22. Do you let your kids sit in front of the TV to occupy a part of their day?

21. Do you prepare elaborate crafts and activities to keep your kids busy each day?

20. Do you Co-Sleep?

19.Do you Sleep Train?

18.Do you Do “Baby-Led-Weaning”?

17.Do you feed your baby purees?

16.Do You Buy Your Baby Jars of Food From The Grocery Store?

15. Do You Make Your Own Baby Food?

14.Do You Breastfeed?

13.Do You Pump and Bottle Feed?

12. Do You Formula Feed?

11. Did you decide to be a stay at home mom?

10. Did you Return to work?

9. Do you grab the entire family Mcdonalds after rushing around running errands all day?

8. Do you make your family well rounded homemade meals after running around doing errands all day?

7. Are you super strict about keeping a routine?

6. Are you really lax about routine and prefer to go with the flow of each day?

5. Are you confident in your parenting abilities?
4. Do you sometimes doubt your parenting abilities?
3. Do you tuck your kids in each night and kiss them goodnight?

2. Do you let your partner do bedtime routine some (most) nights so you can have a glass of wine in a bubble bath?

1. Do you love your kids?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, CONGRATULATIONS! You are killing it at being a kickass mama. Keep up the good work.