Mountain Momma, Why?



Welcome to Mountain Momma Collective (lovingly referred to as MMC); a social enterprise company on a mission to support women and their families with our maternal wellness services. 

Our collective was founded by a group of Maternal Support Practitioners (a.k.a Doula’s) with the common goal of bringing more accessible, inclusive, and thoughtful programming to our parenting community. 

Healthy families start with community supported members. As a collaboration between a successful Barrie doula organization, Bien Aime Doula Care and Childbirth Education, and an idea for a maternal wellness centred shop featuring products designed and created by women, Mountain Momma Collective strives to promote female facilitated connections and supports the ongoing advancement of women entrepreneurs in the maternal wellness sector. 

Our Mountain Momma “Why” is simple:

Access to evidence based, continuous care is vital to maternal wellness and postpartum health. Every woman deserves to have compassionate, non- biased, information based maternal care that encourages connection and community. A percentage of profits both from our shop and Maternal Support Practitioner services create partial and fully subsidized maternal wellness opportunities. Transparency is important to us. As community initiatives and practitioner care becomes available we will promote these opportunities through our Mountain Momma social media, like minded businesses, and community organizations in our catchment area. 

This is the beginning for MMC. Our blog will highlight the ongoing development of Mountain Momma Collective and our community partners in the areas of maternal wellness, early parenting, and female entrepreneurship. Please join us as we work hard to grow this initiative and  share in our passion to support more women, their families, and our own practitioners as valued members of the birth community.

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  1. Megan on May 14, 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Absolutely love this! What an amazing resource and support for the community. ❤❤❤

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