Shop Talk- Nipple and Perineum Postpartum Care.

No matter how you birth, a woman’s body and mind deserves a high standard of care postpartum. Inline with our community wellness efforts, MMCs shop will make it easy to find care products designed specifically with maternal wellness in mind. 

MMC village Momma, and blogger Kelly Welch, took some time out for herself to review a couple of our products, soon to be available through our online shop

2 weeks postpartum with her second babe, heres what Kelly thought about our products from Lunah Life.

sitz bath.jpg

“When choosing products to use for my family, and myself-I like natural. Or as natural as you can get. Especially anything that’s going to be absorbed into our bodies. 

So when Mountain Momma Collective offered me the Lunah Healing Sitz Bath and Lunah Nipple Butter to try just before the birth of my second son, I jumped at the chance. Made in London, Ontario, there’s absolutely nothing fake or synthetic added in, and the very light, subtle scents of both products are pleasant and soothing.

The first one I tried was the Coconut Milk Powder and Oatmeal Herbal Salt Blend Sitz Bath. This product was a lifesaver for me. Any new mom knows how sore and achy you get down in the business end after child birth, and for me, also chasing a 3 year old around on top of healing after birth, I was no exception. Plus, you just feel gross. This sitz bath not only soothed the aches and pains away, but helped me cleanse myself, as well as promote a quicker healing.

Nip Dip

Nip Dip

The nipple cream, very nicely infused with a pretty piece of rose quartz, smoothes on easily, doesn’t clog pores (at least not mine like some more synthetic creams do) and didn’t leave an unpleasant after taste that can cause baby to not want to latch. And what a soothing relief it is for those dry, cracked nipples after a day of cluster feeds! 

If you’re looking for natural, locally made, quality products for before and after birth-definitely try these Mountain Momma Collective exclusive products by Lunah Life.”

Thanks Kelly for trying our these beautiful products. Click here to sign up for our newsletter as we begin to unveil our product line that focuses on maternal wellness and early parenting. 

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