What I Forgot To Pack In My Hospital Bag

“Honey! My water broke.

I was so calm. Maybe a little too calm at 9:50 am on that Friday morning. We literally lived 3 minutes away from the hospital and when we walked in the doors at 9:59 I was already 5 cm. I thought this baby was coming and coming fast.

My bag was packed almost a month before my due date. I checked every Pinterest board, Facebook group, and consulted with friends and family about recommendations for my bag.

Once at the hospital, I realized pretty quickly after the first few hours that I missed a few important items; here’s a short little list of the things I wish I would have taken with me:

Something To Do In Bed- My progression literally stopped in its tracks once I got the epidural and I laid in bed for nearly 12 hours staring at the ceiling. That time was so boring since nothing – and I mean nothing – was happening. So bring a book, magazine, iPad to check out some fun Daughter And Snow posts, or really anything you like to keep yourself occupied while you wait for the little one’s big entrance.

Healthy Snacks- I was at the mercy of hospital food and not every hospital provides 5 course meals, so pack your bag with your fave snacks. Granola bars, trail mix and dried fruits are great go to.

Make Up – Okay, I know what you’re thinking… Seriously? You need make up? I just wish I had some make up on hand to cover up how tired I looked. The first few photos of me holding my son are awful. I saw them once and that was it. I looked like I just ran 2 marathons back to back. A little cover up would have been amazing and maybe even a little bronzer, cause after my c- section, it looked like I saw a ghost. I was so pale! I wouldn’t have put on a full face (and it’s totally ok if you want to or did) but something to make me look half alive would have been great. Even tinted chapstick would have done the trick for me.

Vacation Sized Toiletries + Towel– I honestly had no idea what to expect when it came to labour. I ended up with a C section and took a shower before going home. The walk-in shower was appealing to me and so were the railings. I didn’t have any of my soaps or a towel. I could have definitely used them. I would have been much more comfortable.

Phone Charger– Hours of waiting and texting/calling friends and family take a toll on the battery life of your phone. Put an extra charger in your bag because you really never know when you’ll be headed to the hospital. The battery could already be very low when the baby decides it’s time to hit the road and you want that phone to capture all the photos and videos when the little one arrives.

Well, I hope this little list help you in some way. There’s really no right or wrong way to pack. Go with your gut and if you can, reach out to friends and family to help drop off anything you think you may need as you go.”

Thanks Sara for your perspective on what you could have used in your hospital labour bag: if there is one thing us Doulas would add to this list, it would be a TENS machine. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog about this tiny saviour.

What was/is in YOUR bag??? MMC would love to know in the comments below 🙂

Sara Johnston- Daughters and Snow Blogger and MMC Collingwood Momma.

Sara Johnston- Daughters and Snow Blogger and MMC Collingwood Momma.


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  1. Melinda on June 28, 2017 at 2:31 am

    Such a great read. I wish I would have thought of some of these ideas. It would have made my hospital stay a lot more comfortable.

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