StrawBarrie Fields with Fox

JUNE 23, 2018:

ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Barrie Hill Farms Annual Strawberry Festival is happening June 23rd & June 24th. A classic family event for many Mountain Momma Collective Barrie area families, this is a fun and easy activity to do with your under 2. We LOVE this farm and the effort they put into ensuring they have something to do for the whole family, and quality fruits and veggies to keep your toddler meals interesting and nutritious all summer long. 

P.S – We have heard though the grape vine that the farm is charging for you to do U-Pick this year at a cost of 5$ a person, so make sure you account for that when heading out to the farm this season!

After the blueberry sized hail subsided today Fox, his Poppa, and I hit the road and enjoyed the last hour of Barrie Hill Farms annual Strawberry Festival. While we missed the clown, Strawberry shortcake, and live music, this was the perfect end to a mostly sunny weekend.

Dressed in his Sunday best (oversized onesie and rain boots), Fox was greeted by a tractor and delighted as we enjoyed a bumpy journey to the “pick-your-own” field along side other Momma, Poppas, and babes. Stroller and carrier friendly, Barrie Hill Farms makes this activity easily accessible to all members of your family and a port-a-potty is located at the picking site as well. 

A few samples were had

as he filled his basket.

A half hour of fun later we hopped back on the tractor and headed to the farm to purchase our pickings( and the missing ingredients to make our own Strawberry shortcake tonight).

Barrie Hill Farms is officially open for their you-pick season, with wagon rides available daily. While Strawberry’s will only be available until mid- July, Peas, Raspberrys, Beans, Blueberries, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, and Pumpkins, will be available as the season progresses. 

Pick your own fields are open Monday-Friday 8am to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm.

Don’t miss out on this fun, affordable, and interactive activity with your family this summer.

Any other Mommas make it out to the festival this weekend? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!



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