Bath, Breast, and Bed: A Story Photo Session

Ordinary Moments Become Extraordinary Memories

When I tell people I’m a documentary photographer I don’t think they truly understand what it means and why they would want photos of that nature. Most people are used to having family photos taken on a beach with the sun shining in the background, while everyone is posing and smiling for the camera. Now, don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous family portraits that make my heart skip a beat, but those photos are not where my passions or creativity live. Recently, I shot a documentary photo session for some clients/friends of mine that made me remember why I take photos in the first place.

Leigha reached out expressing her desire to capture the ordinary moments of her family so that she had something to look back on and remember years down the road. She wanted to have photos that would showcase everyone’s personality. Her desire was to see her family dynamic as a whole, beyond smiling poses. She wanted to be able to look back on her simple but happy life.

Happy Chaos

Leigha described her everyday life to me as “happy chaos.” She runs a home daycare, and when her husband comes home at night they hang out for a bit and then begin the bedtime routine. Despite her hesitations on whether her house would be clean enough for photos, or that she still had baby weight she wanted to lose, she happily agreed to have the session take place in her home, right at bedtime.

After the session, she commented on how fun, comfortable, and easy going the session felt. She has since told me how grateful she is for the images and how much happiness they have brought her on the days where it feels like everything is spiraling. These are their families moments, the ordinary moments that will soon be extraordinary memories.

If this is something you have been considering for your family, please connect with me! I love hearing all the wonderful and diverse dynamics of families in my community and would LOVE to document yours. 

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