Why I Didn’t Breastfeed The Way I Expected.

 By: Sarah Piercy

Back in the early Spring MMC asked a few women to share their feeding stories with us; entitled #breastandbottlebarrie, the idea was to continue promoting Barrie’s feeding friendly businesses along side other established community efforts such as the Barrie Breastfeeding Action Team. Toni spent a day downtown taking beautiful images of these Mommas’ that you can read about here.  Our first feeding story is from Barrie blogger Sarah Piercy, Momma to Issac. During the photoshoot the two visited and fed freely at Everleigh Garden ( a BEAUTIFUL little shop that has a great baby section at the back),Ripe Juicery and the Barrie Waterfront; Have a peak below about Sarah’s breastfeeding journey.

Ever realize that what you think you would do is actually not what you do at all?

That was me and breastfeeding.

While I would cheer on friends who were “liberal” breastfeeders, nursing anywhere at any time, I always thought “I’ll never do that.”


But the nature of breastfeeding was what surprised me.

It was so natural, so normal and so convenient that hiding it actually began to feel unnatural….

Once I got the hang of it of course 😉

[ quick shout out to send love to my mom friends who really tried to breastfeed and never “got the hang of it.” You’re strong mama’s! ]

In the end, I was way less conservative than I expected because of how normal breastfeeding felt. And when I am a little extra conservative, it’s for the comfort of the people around me, not for me. I do still like to consider others.

So, my experience breastfeeding turned out to be one of those “you don’t know until you try” things.

Which is pretty much like all parenting, ever. Yes?  🙂


Sarah and her husband Justin blog about their parenting joys, fails and journey at www.unitedanduntied.com.  If you want to hear more from Sarah’s mothering story, here’s the hardest thing she’s learned as a new mom.



And not because I thought there was anything wrong with it. But because — I try to be conservative with my body.  And I didn’t think nursing my child wasn’t going to change that.


My body is not for every man. It’s for my husband. It’s not for the guy on the street. It’s for the guy I married. (I’m sure we could have lots of meaningful conversation about what is and isn’t “conservative,” but that’s not where I’m going here). 😉


And then, my body became for my baby as well.


My plan was to breastfeed and to be conservative about it. Because that’s just “me.”  But then…


  • I tried the nursing covers. I had the wrestling matches.
  • I tried going to a private room. I had the missing out/lonely blues.
  • I tried nursing in the bathroom stall. And NEVER did that again.
  • I tried nursing in my car. And actually, that worked pretty well in a pinch….





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