Berkey By The Bay

This summer MMC was kept hydrated at our Pop Up Play Group and community breastfeeding stations curtesy of Conscious Water Company in Collingwood, Ontario.

The Big Berkey, a sleek and light water filtration system, provides a safe, constant, reliable, pure water source purified of  bacteria, viruses, chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful toxins.

“Berkey water filters are the world’s most powerful and economical personal water purification filter for everyday at home and emergency use.”

The unit is easy to set up, transport to and from our community events, and makes our hard Barrie water taste like a dream. 

IMG_7426 2.JPG

For more information about the health benefits and wide range of water filtration products for your family by Conscious Water, have a watch below during nap time today of the companies knowledgeable owner and water activist Scott. 


Photo: Conscious Water Instagram

Photo: Conscious Water Instagram

An obvious hit with our breastfeeding Mommas, The Berkey brought water drinking to another level for our two and under crew,  who happily occupied themselves taking turns filling up their tiny cups and reusable water bottles- as well as the occasional drink right from the spout! 


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