School Daze- One Month In.

By: Kelly Welch – Momma + blogger for Lovely and Littles.

I still remember my kindergarten class. My teacher, my Mickey Mouse backpack, my friends and the bowling shoe nailed to a wood board that we had to practice tying shoe laces on. I remember it like it was yesterday, although not to age me, but it was more like 27 years ago-yikes.

My oldest son started his first adventure into school this September-at only 3.5 years old, seeing as he’s a December baby. I’m not going to lie and say there wasn’t any apprehension and anxiety on mine and my husband’s part about sending him so young. But we knew he was ready-and so far, I’m happy to say we were right.

The first day was an exciting one, with a sleep in (thank goodness), a healthy, hearty breakfast, and the eagerness of helping to pack his lunch box and make sure all his belongings were labelled. Even though his outer space backpack is roughly the same size as him, he insisted on carrying it for the entire walk. With hugs and kisses to Daddy, poses for some necessary pictures, and baby brother loaded in the stroller, we were off. 

Walking behind him, I suddenly felt like I had a teenager. I’m definitely not one of those emotional moms, but I’ll fully fess up to being teary eyed for a brief moment. Dropping him off at the gate, without a tear or a complaint from him, I got my hugs and my kisses and love you’s-and that was that. In he went.

I know every mama is able to say this-but I’m so proud of my little man. I’m proud of how smart he is, how polite he is. His zest for life. His intensity. And I’m proud of how excited he was for this new adventure-this new chapter in his little life.

Here’s to a new school year, Mountain Momma’s-and may it be an amazing one!


About The Author:

Kelly is an  ECE (early childhood educator) who has worked with children her entire life-from being a teenage babysitter, to an au pair and nanny, to childcare in professional centres, to children’s retail-I’ve had a taste of it all-and she adores it.

She is currently the proud mama bear to two sweet, rambunctious and adorable boys, Ryker and Oakley, auntie to 7 littles (5 boys and 2 little lovelies), a wife, a wannabe chef and a part time employee at a great little local baby boutique that gives her access to all the new and cool things coming out in the children’s industry. 

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