3 Reasons Why Working Out with Other Parents Rocks

by: Amanda Ingram Cotton

There are so many benefits to working out in a group and I myself have met my best mom friends through fitness classes. 

You can set goals together and celebrate when they are met!  Having others you enjoy spending time with will keep you coming back for more and reaching goals you never dreamed possible!

Here are my 3 favorite reasons for working out together: 

1. Social

When you join a group fitness class you get to spend time with a wide range of parents and have the opportunity to find those mommas that you mesh with.  It always fun to sweat with others and sharing in the “fun” of a challenging class.  Working out together can lead to play dates and much more!  Sometimes the group itself even has outings and get togethers to spend time getting to know each other outside of the class.

2. Accountability

The benefit of meeting new moms is that they will hold you accountable and keep you coming to class.  It can be easy to skip your workout as life gets in the way but knowing that you will be missed and looking forward to those conversations can keep you on track.  Everything is more fun with friends and a fitness class is no different!

3. Support

When you are having challenges with whether in fitness or motherhood who better is to help and support you than a fellow mom.  In a group setting you get to hear lots of different challenges and wins that each mom is having.  This is great as it makes it a safe place to share what is happening in your life and have a wide range of experience to offer suggestions.  It is always nice to know that you are not alone in what you are dealing with.

JOIN ME, Amanda Ingram, at my Not Your Average Stroller Fit series starting June 13. Trust me you don’t want to miss it!  What makes this series so unique is that it will focus on the core and pelvic floor.  You will get a sweat on while working out all the muscles you need for motherhood.

I always recommend seeing a pelvic floor physio before starting any fitness routine and that is why we have included an optional assessment in the cost!  Growing, carrying and birthing a baby have a huge effect on your core and pelvic floor and you always want to make sure it is working correctly.  If it is not, you can experience pain, leaking, diastasis (separation of abdominals) and prolapse.  Not checking that you have a functioning core can lead to these issues or make them worse.  It doesn’t matter how long ago you had your babies it is always important to know what is going on with your body!

So come on out and join us for a fun 8 weeks of getting to know and support each other while getting strong!


I want to work out with friends.

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