Life With Kids: Any Given Saturday

Written by: Toni Botas of MMC

I was inspired after reading Hillary Marie’s blog post “Why Parenting is So F*cking Hard”. I was relieved to see another parent going through the same struggles of everyday life. In her post, she captures the essence of parenthood so perfectly. Her photos are raw, candid, and relatable. It got me thinking, why are we so afraid to be candid about parenting with little ones?

Why are we afraid to say “This is hard. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

I think one of the reasons is because often, we aren’t vulnerable enough to show each other exactly what our daily lives look like.

Parenting Behind The Scenes

Social Media is awesome, and I mean that. We’re able to connect in ways that were unimaginable just 15 years ago. People find support in facebook groups, and we’re able to share our lives and keep in touch. However, there’s a dark side to all of it. I find myself so drained from constantly trying to keep up, and keep face. I look at my house and think “Why can’t I keep it together? Why am I falling behind SO often? WHY IS THERE ALWAYS LAUNDRY!?” Hillary’s post gave me a sense of solidarity. We’re all in this, doing the same things, cleaning the same spills every day.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, and I’m “exposing” my home. This is what it looks like on any given Saturday, or Tuesday, or Friday. Basically, any day ending in “y”. My kitchen is a mess, there are crumbs everywhere, laundry is piling up, and my work desk is a hot mess. But, this is my life. I am embracing the chaos and beauty of it all. My children are so little, and they won’t stay this way for long. My kids are healthy, they are thriving, and they are kind humans. THAT is what matters most. I also own my own business, so that means that I need to set priorities. For now, house chores are going on the backburner so I can concentrate on more important things.

My hope is that any care giver reading this who is run down finds themself some grace. You are an incredible force; The world, especially your family’s, would not exist without you. In the words of Kathryn Stockett, “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

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