Feeding Your Baby: Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding & Alternative Feeding Options

$37 CAD + HST for 1 Month Access



Hi I'm Kat Ennis!
Mom of 2 awesome boys, B.A. Hons, B.Ed (Concurrent), Certified Birth + Postpartum Doula who has supported 100s of families, Childbirth Educator, + Infant Sleep Educator

Workshop Outline & Breakdown:

What's Included: 

  • 2.5-hour live workshop with Q & A
  • Full live demonstrations, handouts + resources
  • Breastfeeding, Chestfeeding & Alternative Feeding Guide
1-month access to the recording


  • Breastfeeding and alternative feeding methods such as cup/spoon/syringe feeding and supplemental nursing systems
  • Rights for feeding your baby and the benefits of all different feeding styles and options
  • Basic anatomy and physiology and how to set up for success
  • Hunger cues and what to expect from your baby
  • Latch and positioning of baby with live demonstrations
  • Normal suck patterns for breast, bottle and alternatives
  • Scheduled feeding vs. feeding on demand and how to know if baby is getting enough milk
  • Feeding tools, equipment and DIYs
  • Options for supplementing and what to look for
  • Preparing, pumping and storing milks with live demonstrations
  • Tethered Oral Tissues (tongue, lip and cheek ties) and how they affect infant feeding and development
  • Challenges + Troubleshooting

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