Lazy Summer Mondays #bringbackwildhood

Summer is coming and man are our boys excited! Jayden, our oldest, even made a list of all the things he wants to see this summer and Jon and I can’t wait to make them happen. 

lazy summer mondays wildhood


This got me thinking about my own summer memories (way back in the 80’s)! I fondly remember playing tag and manhunt with all of the neighbourhood kids until the street lights came on and our moms would be hollerin’ for us to come inside. Or the days we would spend running through the sprinkler with fresh cut grass on our toes (that is until the ice cream truck would come by and we would chase it down the street for a treat). Or my lazy summer days spent at my Aunt Doreen’s cottage catching fish with my cousins (even in the pouring rain!). 

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The team at MMC is definitely getting nostalgic for our childhoods today! With all this reminiscing we LOVED reading “Raise Your Kids Like It’s 1982“. In it the author, Serge Bielanko, wonders “whatever happened to living a perfectly dull beautiful childhood where nothing much ever happened, except maybe breakfast cereal from the grocery store and BMX bikes from KMART?” What did happen to those summers? I know I am not the only Momma looking at summer vacation and planning activities for my boys – from summer camps and day trips – all in an effort to keep them busy! But why?

This left the MMC team wondering how can we help bring freedom back to childhood? Enter Lazy Summer Mondays! Join us every Monday from June 19 to August 28 at 10am until 1pm and let’s let our kids be KIDS! 

We are looking for local Mommas in the Simcoe and Grey Bruce Counties to host Lazy Summer Monday’s in their own backyards this summer. Together with an MMC team member (who will bring a special hostess gift) we will hang, chat, picnic, and continue to build The Momma Village. If this is something you and your kids would be interested in participating in or hosting please fill out this form. 

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So let’s embrace summer as a chance for us and our kids to unwind, be free, get muddy, and adventure outside! I’ll be sharing the Ennis’ boys #bringbackwildhood adventures this summer on the MMC blog. We would love to see photos of you and your littles doing #bringbackwildhood too! Comment with them below.



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