How to Health Proof Your Home for Baby

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Emma Rohmann

Emma Rohmann is an environmental engineer, mom of 2, and founder of Green at Home. She helps moms and moms-to-be reduce toxins at home without overwhelm, a lifestyle overhaul, or spending time and money on stuff that doesn't work. Emma is a David Suzuki Foundation Queen of Green Coach, a guest lecturer at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and holds a certificate in Environmental Health from the University of Arizona. Learn more at

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Workshop Outline & Breakdown:

Most of us have heard of baby proofing our home to protect our children from accidents. But before they can roll over, crawl, and climb stairs, there’s a more pressing concern: how healthy is your home for baby?

Babies immune and detoxification systems aren’t fully developed when they’re born. So they are more susceptible to environmental exposures than adults. And unfortunately, our homes and lifestyle can either support our children’s long-term health, or put it at risk.

In this 3-part webclass, you’ll learn from Environmental Engineer and toxins expert, Emma Rohmann, how you can make simple yet effective changes in your home to make it healthier for your baby.

Whether you’re in the 3rd trimester getting ready to welcome baby home, or are settling into your 4th trimester getting to know your baby, this class will give you the information, tools, and actions you need to tackle toxins in your home without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Class #1: How Your Home Affects Your Health

  •   What the science says about toxins in our homes
  •   Why hormone disrupting chemicals are particularly important to address
  •   Busting myths & misunderstandings so you can better understand your goals + next steps
  •   Toxins commonly found in your home

Class #2: Creating a Healthy Home Environment

  •   How to approach a home detox without getting overwhelmed
  •   What strategies you should focus on, specifically when welcoming a baby home
  •   Practical tips & product recommendations to get you started

Class #3: Choosing Healthy Products for Baby

  •   Common greenwashing tactics
  •   How to buy on a budget
  •   Key ingredients to avoid
  •   Apps, Certifications, and Tools

What's Included: 

- Over 5 hours of LIVE class time + Q+A via Zoom

- 1 month access to the recording

- Resources and references


During this workshop series, Emma will review:

  1. How your home affects your health
  2. Creating a healthy home environment
  3. Choosing healthy products for baby

Estimated Time to Complete: 5+ hours

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