Infant Sleep Support

Helping you Parent Your Way...Day and Night

Sleep is one of the biggest challenges parents face and there is no shortage of information and advice out there.

The problem is that it's not all evidence based or easy to customize to you, your infant, or your parenting style.

As an Infant Sleep Educator, I want to help you nurture your child and support them through their sleep successes and challenges while following your intuition and parenting in a way that allows you to foster a secure attachment with your baby.

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Some of the most common questions my clients ask me include:

  • Is my baby getting enough sleep?
  • Why won't my baby sleep in their basinet?
  • I'm so tired! How do I get the sleep I need?
  • Will my baby ever sleep through the night?
    Am I going to ruin my baby's sleep by picking them up all the time?

During your Personal Sleep Chat I'll help you get clear on:

  • Why your infant sleeps the way they do (and how it's different from adult sleep)
  • How you can get the sleep you need during tricky times and celebrate successes
  • Gentle methods that will lead to better sleep for everyone in your home (customized based on your intake form)

Personal Sleep Chat

$30 + HST

This includes:

  • 1 x 30 minute Zoom call to discuss your sleep successes, challenges, and options

Follow-up Sleep Chat

$20 + HST

This includes:

  • 1 x 20 minute Zoom call to discuss what you've tried since we last spoke


"Kat's support has helped us have confidence in the choices we are making for our family. We understand how and why our son sleeps the way he does and are getting more sleep than ever! Thank you Kat."

- Janet Lee

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