Infant Communication

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Buffy Giles has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communication Disorders from Brigham Young University. After her graduation, she taught preschool for two years, and then she worked in the special education office for a local charter school. During her time there, she also worked as a speech-language technician for elementary age children. Buffy lives in Provo, Utah with her husband and 3-month old son. In her free time, she enjoys watercolor painting and bubble baths.

Workshop Outline & Breakdown:

What's Included: 

  • 2-hour video workshop
  • Handouts and resources
1-month access to the recording


  • Typical infant communication development
  • Nurturing your child's development
  • The role of facial expressions, babbling, gestures, early sign language and crying
  • How to communicate with your infant
  • The importance of reading and singing to your baby
  • Factors that may affect your baby's ability to communicate
  • What to do when you're concerned

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