Masterclass Series

Mom Concierge is thrilled to bring you our series of prenatal, 4th trimester, and baby's first year classes taught by our team of Certified Doulas and Registered Dieticians. Choose from our menu of single session Masterclasses, organized by category below, or get access to everything when you sign up for the Mom Concierge Complete Prenatal Program.

“I remember how hard it was to find a prenatal class that fit our schedule! Most required weeks of commitment and the classes were huge. We had so many questions (some we didn’t feel comfortable asking in front of the group!). Don’t get me wrong. We wanted the information, but found it hard to find a class that really worked for us. That’s why I’m so proud to offer our Masterclass Series for expecting parents that they can experience right in the comfort of their home."

- Kat Ennis, founder + owner of Mom Concierge