Masterclass Series

Mom Concierge is thrilled to bring you our series of prenatal, 4th trimester, and baby's first year classes taught by our team of Certified Doulas and Registered Dieticians. Choose from our menu of single session Masterclasses, organized by category below, or get access to everything when you sign up for the Mom Concierge Complete Prenatal Program.

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“I remember how hard it was to find a prenatal class that fit our schedule! Most required weeks of commitment and the classes were huge. We had so many questions (some we didn’t feel comfortable asking in front of the group!). Don’t get me wrong. We wanted the information, but found it hard to find a class that really worked for us. That’s why I’m so proud to offer our Masterclass Series for expecting parents that they can experience right in the comfort of their home."

- Kat Ennis, founder + owner of Mom Concierge

Masterclass Series Testimonials

"I've attended a few virtual prenatal classes and I have found them all to be so extremely helpful and insightful! A huge thank you to Kat for everything, it really shows how much you love helping Moms & Moms-To-Be! Thank you!!"

Melissa Day

Mom Concierge Paid Classes

The "Comfort Measures for Labour + Birth" class provided important and helpful information on how to feel as calm as possible in the birthing process, no matter the situation you find yourself in. Kat presents the information in a way that challenges you to think about your personal coping strategies and how they can be used when in labor. She also challenges you to think about your fears and how to tackle those fears with what you can control, offering general to specific coping techniques and tools to help no matter your birthing plan."

Melissa Marshall

Comfort Measures for Labour + Birth Class

"My husband and I learned so much from the "Superhero" lesson! We took lots of notes. Thank you for that valuable lesson. I thought it was well organized and provided tons of good information for a couple new to birth like us."

Buffy Dallion

How to Be a Superhero During Birth + Postpartum

"Kat, thank you so much for everything, your prenatal program was super helpful and we all enjoyed it. We passed along your contact to a few of our pregnant friends. All of your tips helped to make this a smooth pregnancy and delivery."

Brieanna Buchanan

How to Be a Superhero During Birth + Postpartum

"THANK YOU for the wonderful class. Mike and I had such a great time and learned oh so much. You are so knowledgeable and really gave us the tools and know-how to navigate our labour and delivery journey. Mike felt like he was given the power and permission to be a dedicated and vocal birth partner and can’t wait to put his new tools to use. Again, thank you so much. I will be singing your praises to all my pregnantmamafriends!"

Shealyn Angus

How to Be a Superhero During Birth + Postpartum

"I loved the beautiful presentation for Get Your Home + Freezer Baby Ready. It was really well organized and easy to follow. I love its step-by-step nature."

Buffy Dallion

Get Your Home + Freezer Baby Ready

"My mom participated in the virtual class offered for grandparents. She said she learned so much and feels more up to date and confident about her role as Nana! My husband and I look forward to registering for a couple classes ourselves. Thank you for offering support and resources to the whole family!"

Christie Linn Mehmood

Baby Care for Grandparents

"Great classes for grandparents and parents on child care and supporting new parents."

Nadine Novack

Baby Care for Grandparents

"We really enjoyed this class. Very informative, but not an overload. Lots of things we hadn't thought about in terms of child safety. We would recommend this class to any new or expecting parents and grandparents.​"

Jill + Alex

First Aid

"Great overview of basics of baby and toddler care - choking response, CPR, first aid. As we are awaiting the arrival of our first child, having this class definitely helped put our minds at ease to know the things that we can do to care for our child in the event of an emergency - both physically and mentally."

Sarah + Mark

First Aid

“Loved it! The virtual option was so much more comfortable and relaxed than having to go out. Kat was able to answer all of our questions with her vast knowledge. She cleared up some things my partner and I were on the fence about. Would highly recommend the Mom Concierge Prenatal Program.”

Ashlee P.

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

“We signed up for Mom Concierge's prenatal program with a few of our friends who were also expecting. We all found it incredibly beneficial and we learned so much valuable information. We all walked away feeling a lot more prepared and understanding of what was to come. We thought Kat was fantastic! She answered all of our questions so well and provided so much helpful information. She made the time fly by!”

Meg F.

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

"I participated in Mom Concierge's online prenatal program and it has changed my life! The program provided unbiased information and virtual, LIVE support and encouragement. I’m so glad that I had access to this kind of loving support even though I’m miles away in Utah USA. No matter if you are a first time parent, or this is your fourth time, this program is so helpful and absolutely reduces stress and overwhelm in pregnancy and postpartum. I was able to get great advice from Kat about my specific questions during my pregnancy. I can’t support this group enough! Life changing."

Buffy Dallion

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

"We opted to sign up for all of the classes that make up the Mom Concierge prenatal program. They are truly informative! Every new parent should take them."

Carly Wilkinson

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

"I have now taken 3 of Mom Concierge’s classes and I'm signed up for my fourth! All three have been extremely informative and helped me feel more prepared for the arrival of my baby!! Kat is very professional and always willing to answer any questions you may have! In attending the classes you always get your questions answered - even ones that you didn’t realize or think to ask as well! I would definitely recommend joining in on any classes you can, and In this crazy time we are living in these have definitely been a lifesaver as options are few and far between for in person classes!"

Chelsea Widdes

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

"I am so happy that I found Mom Concierge's prenatal program. It is laid out well and can be done at your own pace. The content goes well beyond what seemed to be available online when I researched other prenatal programs. Kat provides a personalized approach to teaching and provides weekly calls where you can ask questions on everything even if it is not baby related. If you are looking for a comprehensive prenatal program and personalized support I would highly recommend Mom Concierge's prenatal program."

Sheri Anne Lowen

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

"Chris and I wanted to thank you so much again for everything you've included in the Mom Concierge prenatal program. We were just so thrilled with all of the information you gave us and for answering all of our questions as they came up. It really helped to prepare us and made us feel so much better!!! I know how happy Chris was that we did these classes together and so am I."

Lynne Flegel

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

"Kat was so open to our questions and encouraged us to take breaks while working through the Mom Concierge prenatal program. She made it so comfortable and we feel like we have a plan for our birth. I certainly feel like my support team has a plan of how to best support me during labour, delivery, as well as postpartum. Thank you Kat for being so amazing at what you do, and for empowering all of us to be informed and able to make decisions every step of the way."

​Ashley Bergman

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

“Having a reputable source for information who is easy to understand and open to answering all questions is fantastic.”

Melissa B.

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program

“Clear presentation of all of the information. The section on the support my partner can provide during labour and delivery was incredibly valuable. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement, support ,and resources provided. We found this program to
be very valuable in our preparation for birth and what to expect postpartum.”

Amanda M.

Mom Concierge Prenatal Program