Our tips for navigating pregnancy + birth during these uncertain times…

These last few days have been overwhelming — so much is changing and it’s happening quickly.

How have you been doing?

We have so many thoughts and feelings about it all…

It’s spring break here in Ontario, Canada. Typically our kids have 1 week off, but the social distancing guidelines have upped that to 3. We’re feeling stressed, anxious, and nervous (amid trying to keep everyone busy, happy, and working together – such is mom life!).

Like you, we’re worried about our children, our partners, our friends and family and want them all to stay healthy and well. We’re worried about our clients and the members of our community. We’re worried about you.

But, we’re also hopeful! We’re hopeful that the steps our governments, businesses, and individuals are taking to slow down the spread of the virus will help ease the overwhelm that frontline and medical providers have been and will be feeling in the coming days, weeks and months. We’re also thankful for the sacrifices they are making to care for those in need.

Nothing is more important to us than your health, safety and well-being.

We all need to do our part, pay it forward, and support one another.

That’s why we’ve included our insights and suggestions to help you navigate your pregnancy and birth during this uncertain time.

It’s also why we connected (virtually) with our team at Mom Concierge and made a plan on how to best support them, all of our clients, and our community.

We wanted to share that plan with you:

1. In-Person Classes & Support: All of our in-person classes and support offered through Mountain Momma Collective have been moved online. We have done our very best to contact each one of our clients directly, but if you haven’t received the details please reach out to us by replying to this email. Please know that we are keeping a close eye on the situation. We hope to restart our in-person services as soon as possible.

2. Skip the Baby Books: For our current clients of the Skip the Baby Books online prenatal & coaching program, nothing will be changing. Your access to the Content Hub (MomU) and all of our Weekly Real Talk sessions will continue as scheduled.

One-on-one coaching calls to create your birth, postpartum, or feeding plans will take place at your selected time. If you need to reschedule, please let us know and we will do our best to find a time that works.

How we can help support you:

Many in-person prenatal classes are being canceled and it’s so important to have a plan and decrease the overwhelm during these uncertain times.

We’re paying it forward:

With all of these changes, we are offering our online prenatal program at an extremely discounted rate to make sure all of our clients and community members have access to prenatal education.

Bonuses: 1:1 coaching sessions to make your birth, postpartum, or feeding plan, online MealTrain software, and access to our Content Hub and our online community support for 12 months.

You can join the program at any point in your pregnancy journey!

Click the link below for more information and to register. If you have any questions at all we are happy to chat more – just reply to this email.


Are you interested in sampling some of the classes we have to offer? Just CLICK HERE to join our upcoming mini-series of free prenatal education classes.

Now…here are our insights and suggestions to help you navigate your pregnancy and birth during this uncertain time:

1. Consider Your Birth Location: If you are under the care of midwives, discuss the possibility of planning for a home birth. Birthing at home will allow you to feel safe, comforted, and supported and reduces your chances (and your midwife’s chance) of coming into contact with the virus.

Not a current midwifery client? Contact your local midwife or midwifery group and see if they can take you on. Ask to be put on the waitlist if they are full.

If you are planning to have your baby at the hospital, labour at home for as long as possible. Make use of the hand sanitizer on your way up to the birthing unit and wash your hands while there.

2. Pay Attention to Proximity: Pay attention to social distancing and quarantine recommendations made by your local health unit and government officials. If you have older children, plan to keep them home from school until after your baby is born. Make sure everyone in your household washes their hands regularly and practices good coughing and sneezing hygiene (i.e. sneeze into your elbow or a tissue to avoid spreading germs).

3. Create a Flexible Working Arrangement: If possible, work from home or take an early maternity leave.

4. Limit Visitors: Seriously. Limit all visitors and encourage those who have any signs of illness (i.e. sore throat, cough, congestion, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) to stay away (and quarantine themselves) – especially after your baby is born.

5. Make a Conscious Information Choice: Make a conscious decision about where you are accessing updated information regarding Covid19. Facebook and other social media platforms have caused a lot of panic and overwhelm. Grocery store shelves have empty toilet paper asiles because of social media panic!

Here’s where we’re getting our information from:

The Government of Canada – Updated coronavirus information as it pertains to Canada

Canadian Association of Midwives

The World Health Organization (WHO) – Latest updates on Coronavirus worldwide

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – General information and updates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Information about Pregnancy + Breastfeeding

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine – Statement on breastfeeding and Coronavirus

La Leche League International – Statement on continuing to nurse your baby through Coronavirus and other respiratory infections (provided in multiple languages)

UNICEF – What parents should know

Aviva Romm, MD – podcast and advice from a midwife, herbalist, and Yale trained MD for pregnant and breastfeeding women + their families.

6. Join one of our Online Communities:

Navigating Pregnancy + Birth Without Overwhelm– ideal for pregnant women needing support who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and worried about all the things they need to do to get ready for their baby’s arrival.

The Momma Village – ideal for postpartum mothers with children from newborn – 4 years of age.

We welcome discussions about Coronavirus in our groups – we ask that you post under our pinned post at the top of our group discussion page. As always, we want to ensure that only reputable resources are being shared and that any medical-related questions are directed at your care providers and not shared on our page.

7. Keep Them Busy: Do you have older children? Here are some ideas for activities to keep them busy. There are also lots of companies generously offering free online resources here (kindly compiled by the Amazing Educational Resources Facebook group).

There is no playbook for this… we are navigating this right along with you.

Now, more than ever, we need to be there for each other.

We understand the amount of stress going around and we are here to help and guide you in any way we can.

Email us anytime or PM us through our Facebook group if you’d like support or just to chat privately.

We are sending lots of love and positivity your way!

Jen & Kat

PS – It’s in times like these that we all need to stick together. We are always open to chatting with you!

Click the link below to book a call if you have any questions about our services or support:


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