Thank Your Cards Are The Best!

Typed Testimonials Are Pretty Great Too!

Nikki R.

"Dreamers, makers, visionary supporters. The faces behind the dream to connect moms & their families to services, programs and practitioners for birth, breastfeeding and beyond. Love this team!"

Eve Rogers

"I love the Mom Concierge events - getting together with other moms in person or virtually to learn about things that truly matter to us at this stage of our lives is so enriching. I also love the growing community of like-minded moms. We are so blessed to have this caring and compassionate network of women!"

​Holly Yuchtman

"I have used the wonderful services of Mom Concierge on a few different occasions so far in my postpartum journey and have found all members of their team to be professional, kind and empathetic to my specific concerns and needs. Mom Concierge is an amazing group of women, we are lucky to have them in our community and virtually accessible to women across Canada and the USA, and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Debra Oakley

"Mom Concierge is a great source of support for women and mothers and families. They are prepared, resourceful and innovative. Great work!"

Sarah Gray

"As a new momma who recently relocated at three weeks postpartum for my husband's work, I have been impressed and excited by the services and community offered by Mom Concierge."

Kelly Welch

"Love these ladies, the support they provide, and the events they do graciously host and organize."

Holly Elsner

"Mom Concierge offers a ton of great services for new and expectant parents."

Becca K.

"Kat and her team are friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive."