Understanding Your Options + Making a Plan

$29 CAD + HST for 1 Month Access



Hi I'm Kat Ennis!
Mom of 2 awesome boys, B.A. Hons, B.Ed (Concurrent), Certified Birth + Postpartum Doula who has supported 100s of families, Childbirth Educator, + Infant Sleep Educator

Workshop Outline & Breakdown:


During this 2 hour workshop, Kat will review all of the options you might be faced with when it comes to your birth, the potential drawbacks and benefits of each option, explore how to make an informed decision in a medical setting, and how to make a birth plan that communicates your wishes (and care providers love!).

Everyone who registers will also receive 1 month of access to the workshop recording and the chance to ask me any questions you might have (so don't stress if you can't make the date/time of the workshop).

This class is for you if:

  • You are overwhelmed and not sure where you should start when it comes to learning about labour + delivery and what to expect
  • You want to learn about all of the options for your birth
  • You want to learn how to make informed decisions about your care based on evidence-based information
  • You want to positively and effectively communicate with your care provider and their team
  • You are planning a home birth
  • You are planning to have your baby in a hospital or a birthing centre
  • You want an epidural as soon as possible
  • You want to learn more about natural options for pain relief
  • You want to know how your birth partner can support you
  • You're not sure what questions you have, but want to learn more!

What's Included: 

  • 2 hours of LIVE class time + Q+A via Zoom
  • 1-month access to the recording
  • Birth Plan Checklist

Topics Include:

  • Options to consider for your birth
  • Benefits + drawbacks of each options
  • Decisions you might be faced with during labour
  • How to make an informed choice
  • Communicating with your care provider
  • How to make a birth plan care providers love
  • Review of a sample birth plan

You'll also receive a copy of our Birth Plan Checklist and have the opportunity to have a customized birth plan created just for you.

Medical Disclaimer: The information and resources provided by Skip the Baby Books is not a substitute for proper prenatal care or screening. We do not provide medical advice. If you have questions about a medical matter consult with your doctor or other healthcare professional. If you have any concerns related to your health or your baby’s health you must seek immediate medical attention by going to the nearest emergency room if necessary. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of the information provided here.